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Writing is My Vehicle

Writing is my vehicle
taking me where ever I need to be.
It cleanses me like a car wash.
It rids me of burdens
as if going to the dump.
It flies me above present circumstances
allowing me to feel the warmth of the sun.
The click of the keys reminiscent of
climbing roller coaster rails
rising higher and higher.
My words building anticipation of what’s to come.
Yes! That works! Ha ha THAT is funny!
Click, click, tap, tap.
I am momentarily carried away in a frenzied chariot.
Rumbling onward towards my dreams.
Writing is my vehicle,
my transportation towards
a new world.


Visions Dancing in My Head

Visions Dancing in My Head

I am laying motionless and relaxed.  My body is a dead weight free from all tension.  I listen to my breathing. Slow and steady, in and out in and out the breaths flow. Breathing in all good, exhaling out from my body all negativity.  I am surrounded by letters floating all around me. They fill the spaces around me.  I let them freely sway up and down, side to side, free as birds.  I’m smiling enjoying their presence.  As they move they begin to gather and cluster together. One by one they unite forming words. Now words; big words, small words, nouns, verbs and adjectives, lots of adjectives are swaying and flowing in the air space which surrounds my body.  The words are now joined by punctuations entering in a banner like stream. One by one they enlarge to show themselves present. The period just IS. Shows up and then done matter of fact and moves on. The comma pauses ever so slightly then makes way for the question mark who blinks and multiples itself repeatedly for a few seconds. Then he to moves to allow semicolon and quotations to parade by my face.  The colon pops out with a balloon effect. One two boom.  The dash simply dashes along like a puppy. The dot dot dot explodes and then just waits in mid air.  Ahh yes then the finale comes as the exclamation mark slowly comes in and grows broader, thicker growing growing until….Wham the point is placed BOOm! And I laugh aloud.  Now my words are swimming around stirring each other up, stirring, formulating, creating, stewing.  The words begin to form phrases, sentences and paragraphs. Each perfectly chosen, each exquisitely placed. My relaxed body breathes deeply as my head opens up to expose my working brain.  The words are scurrying now like a whirlwind, swirling around, swirling around forming a cylinder tighter tighter until it looks like a cocoon all snug and safe.  The cocoon turns itself all around as if to show me all the words are perfectly spaced and protected.  I take a big breath in and the cocoon floats slowly and gently into my head and as my head once again closes itself my breathing slows and I peacefully rest. Just rest.  Then a sense of anticipation begins to build in my toes and works up my legs and flutters in my belly. My hands and arms are wide open as if receiving a special gift. My chest swells and my shoulders square up as my head takes note of the withdrawal about to occur.  My fingers are now rapidly moving and butterflies are emerging all around me. Beautiful, significant, unique, colorful, full of life energy fluttering and giving my face kisses.  I clearly see them enter the computer screen and as they do they turn into words. Pages and pages of words, spilling out of the printer. Page after page; until on my desk, standing upright is my book with a gleaming cover jacket with the perfect title. And there at the bottom in bold clear letters it reads by Tessa Ruth.