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Sharing My World

Thanks to for helping kick start my blog week! I’ve begun to read/comment on the wonderful bloggers in our community which in itself inspires me. Today I’ll follow Cee’s  questions to roll out some of my thoughts.

1. Would you rather take the pictures or be in the pictures?

I love to capture expressions, the beauty in nature, the hilarious antics of my beloved pets and most especially those I love with my camera. I often create gifts with photos and view our picture files often. My children tell me I haven’t changed the way I look (especially my hair) in, well, ever. I suppose I could take that as a compliment but somehow their tone tells me otherwise. So there you have my first answer.

2. What did you enjoy most this past week?

Time spent with those I love. Don’t ask me for the most, for they are all the mostest  (yes it IS a word in MY vocabulary!) Time holding hands with my Roger, two days with my middle son Clayton who moved to CA on Saturday, time with GB (grandbaby) Aila who was on Fall break, a long Skype call with my oldest daughter and her beautiful girls who live in Bangor, Ireland, an impromptu visit from my oldest son and his love, smiling at a FB post from my adventurer youngest son Josh and lunch with my daughter Miranda.

3.What is your greatest extravagance?

Taking my sweet ass time in the shower without interruptions, no other details necessary.

4. Which letter in the alphabet best describes you?

S for Strong, simple, sweet, scandalous, sincere,  seductive, sensitive,  sociable, , stimulating, Southern, sunbaked (all Summer), sunshiny and most definitely a survivor!

Bonus: What are you grateful for this last week and what are you looking forward to this week?

Last week was my 1 year Anniversary of having my cancer ridden kidney removed and I am STILL cancer free and I am SO grateful for excellent health and vibrant energy. And I am looking forward to having lunch with some new friends I met at work.