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Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

1:50 PM

Just settled in from work and needed to get my “write” on so what better way then to accept the daily blog challenge?

Been thinking the whole way home about a dear friend of mine whom I love. Her thinking is her main abuse. She thinks erroneously that she is nothing, unworthy and destined to remain that way. Yes she’s had a rough life. Yes she’s made some poor choices and yes she alone is responsible for her current life situation. But the question I cannot seem to answer is why one would choose to remain in a place of misery. And, bless her heart, she isn’t alone. The world is full of people who continue the same sucky life cycles repetitively. But alas the world promotes the victim mentality and the I can’t mantra from every angle. Maybe some of us are more fighter then settlers. I only know that if I could help her to change I would probably give my left arm to do so. I would if I could but I can’t so I won’t. At this point all I can do is encourage, share instrumental information that changed my life and listen. I cannot DO it for her and that frustrates the hell out of me. All I have control of is ME, not one single other individual. I don’t want to watch her slowly kill herself. But the bottom line is until she accepts responsibly for her life and decides to really pursue something better I remain helpless and sadly, heartbroken.

2:00 PM