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Blog in a Thong

That’s what I said! Just me, my dog, 3 cats and a bearded dragon sitting at the puter; fingers dancing across the keyboard in only a thong.TMI is what you’re all thinking but hey I’m challenged to write whatever is in my head for 10 minutes and I was in a thong when I opened the damn page. That’s the beauty of writing you can do it whenever, however in whatever the fuck you’d like to wear. Ah but all that nonsense isn’t the why behind my rush to do this assignment. I haven’t blogged in 3 weeks all because of FEAR (which of course is only False Evidence Appearing Real) but let me tell you, it was real for me. I actually had momentum going and was writing consistently. Then I got nominated for my 1st Blogger Award. I was so excited! So excited that I completely froze up! Then I started back on that negative cycle….oh you’ll never write that book, why would anyone nominate you anyway, you never complete your writing goals, you haven’t replied now the Blog community will think you’re a douche! Holy shit, I really was deep in it wasn’t I??  Been thinking all week how it seems like every limiting belief, every self doubt, every piece of low self esteem has risen to do war with me since I began my blog FREE2justB. Then I had this ah-ha moment. All this old crap is coming up so I can truly BE free to just BE! I have been my own worst enemy all my life and this 30 year journey of discovering my true self has been quite the trip. I have learned so much and would go through every bad choice all over again. I am so close to sharing that journey with others through my book. I believe I will offer a ray of hope to those who long to quit pretending and just be real. This whole Blog blip has simply been yet another opportunity to put my beliefs into practice.

So there you have it.

Sitting in a thong.

Thrilled and appreciative about this blogger award.

No I haven’t responded YET.

NO I’m not a douche.

I am simply exercising that I AM FREE2justB