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Got Peace?

world peace Happy International Peace Day!  Question is are YOU at peace this glorious new day? Now if you’re thinking…”Whatever! I’m not reading this fluffy shit!” you are probably not in a place of peace. We have such a need for the often elusive concept of peace which is defined by Webster’s as:

  1. a state of tranquility or quiet
  2. freedom from civil disturbance
  3. state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom
  4. freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions
  5. harmony in personal relations
  6. a state or period of mutual concord between governments

peace jimiThink of how powerful it could be if even for 5 minutes today the whole world visualized peace. If one by one we went through the above definitions and caught a clear picture of how each would be.

If for 5 minutes we left behind all of our old thinking, chose to refuse all rhetoric on “how it is or has to be” and sat in complete bliss instead. Yeah, yeah…you’re a dreamer Tess just dream on! Yes! Yes I am just like Jimi who was also judged and condemned but had a dream of peace…disgusted by his government

Like it or not we ARE all connected

Like it or not we ARE all connected

So, believing we are all part of this world, including each other; one can understand just how powerful it truly would be if together as one unit we all thought and moved towards peace.

Today, understanding I alone can not create this worldwide utopia, I do know I CAN start right here at home with myself.

I will sit for 5 whole minutes and think of peace:

  • in my mind, body, soul and spirit
  • within my nation;  unity between family members, no more drama only encouragement and support
  • at my workplace…oh I may have to stay with that on efor awhile longer 🙂
  • in my little city, state, the world
  • within world governments

What will THAT do you ask?? Well it will get ME in a happier state for starters and then my goal is to allow my bliss train to permeate all around me. Do you see how this conception could actually change the world if implemented??? Yeah, yeah whatever echoes in the background; but for 5 minutes today I WILL enter into peace.

Today I will carefully monitor my thoughts and allow only uplifting words to leave my mouth. Today I will notice the beautiful in me and the beauty all around me. Today, in all I do I will be a peacemaker and be a smile seeker and smile creator. And just for today my world will be a better place. It really is easy then to repeat daily so it becomes habit which then becomes who you are. So today I challenge you to make a short list yourself:

peace challenge