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Dreamer, I Know I am a Dreamer

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

writers rule

Hello to all my dream readers! You know who you are because even as I write you are flipping pages on my blog. You are a dreamer just like myself and you will not rest until your passion is fulfilled.

You long to be set free. Free from conformity, normal life and keeping up with the Jones’. You desire to bust out, right in public  and just be the YOU only you know inside. Tired of the mundane, tired of trying to fit your round self into the proverbial square peg. You work each day at a job you hate and dream of earning your keep doing what you’re passionate about. You want to rise above the masses of sheeple people and contribute to the rising paradigm shift occurring in the world today. You dream big enough to believe that you CAN do anything that your powerful mind sets itself to do. You are on the positivity path and have begun to realize that YOU CAN RULE YOUR WORLD BY CHANGING HOW YOU THINK! You seek how to’s and mentor’s that have gone before you in the “Free Your Mind and the rest will follow” realm.

To you, my dream readers,

I come into your screen each day pumping up your fortitude, inspiring you to BE.  Be present. Be proactive. Be informed. But damnmit, BE YOURSELF! To hell with what “they” think. Who died and made “them” boss over your life?? You and only you are in charge of who you are, how you live and what you pursue.

To YOU I dedicate this blog and welcome you inside my world, which is transforming every day simply by how I think.

And to you, Ellen DeGeneres; you are my ultimate Dream Reader. You are the one who IS reading this very post on air in front of a live audience with none other then yours truly, Tessa Ruth Best Selling author as your guest. I know Ellen that you have helped launch so many unknowns because you fully understand the battle inside we all face to simply BE…Be ourselves.

SO if you are one of my Dream Readers reading this blog right now

HIT ME UP PEOPLES! HIT ME UP! Better yet, after you hit me with your comments and feedback, FOLLOW ME and I promise JOY in the Journey!