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CONTRACTIONS HAVE BEGUN and Tessa Ruth Will Soon Be Born!

Greetings! I AM Tessa Ruth and I am a writer. I have been journaling since I received my very first furry pink Diary with a lock and key. I have stacks of treasured journals. Some fancy doodle embossed leather, or steno pads, black & white bound composition books with wide lines for penmanship class (wow I‘m dating myself)! Flip pads and 3 subject spirals; a pile of 6” mini books and numerous notebooks with yellow or singed smoky pages, survivors of a house fire. In a quick glance just now, I found one dated back to 1987 and I haven’t even included those boxed in my closet.  So, are you published, you might ask?  Some 20 years ago, I was a Feature Writer for a local small town newspaper and had many stories published; also included in my closet box. I’ve published newsletters and designed curriculum for children when I ran a Day Care Center.  I began earlier this year blogging on WordPress in hit and miss fashion.  So, if seeing your name at the bottom of a page which others are reading is being “published” then yes I am published.  But my life-long dream is to pen inspirational books both true and fiction which are on the Best Sellers List. That to me will be the day I am a published author.

Like many folks do, I put off my dreams for various reasons. Raising children, working jobs I hated because they paid more than writing, fear of rejection and the ever popular procrastination to name a few. But always in the backdrop of my existence was a big emptiness, an unsatiated desire to become all I know myself to be. For years I was able to excuse it away, finding little bits of fulfillment writing in my journals. Then as our 7 children grew and flew from the nest, my priorities also began to shift.  Ahh, but if I continue here, I’ll give away more of my life story then I’m ready to share! I’d rather you read the journey of “1Strongwoman!” off the rack of your local bookstore!

You see I have been heavy with child for some 30 years and Braxton Hicks contractions have begun. I always thought I’d have 1 more baby girl and I would name her Tessa Ruth. Tessa because my beloved brother still calls me Tess and Ruth because that’s what my Mama wanted to name me. I realized Tessa Ruth, which will be my pseudonym (pen name), is my Book Baby. All of these years and most especially these last 6 months have been preparing me for my new life as Tessa Ruth, renowned Best Selling Author/Speaker. I have set specific goals and am on track to have my Autobiography manuscript ready for publication by December of this year. “And I’m so excited, that I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it, like it!!!”

I look forward to expanding and personalizing my blog page. I have committed to post Monday, Wednesday and Fridays just to keep my creativity well oiled and slay the fear dragon. I hope to find mentors and genuine critics who will help my passion bloom. Ultimately, establishing a forum from which I can explode my ideas to millions is my purpose for this blog site


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My I AM’s

These are my daily I AM’s, hung above my shower, blown up unto six separate posters. I recite them each day. Some of them are currently true. Some of them are in progress. Some I speak aloud until I believe them myself (like being a directional wizard while wishing my GPS would work in Wal-mart!). ALL help me replace the negative thoughts I continually battle and remind me I AM 1Strongwoman!

Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What Am I Supposed To Do?

I AM God.

I AM divine and majestic just like my Creator.

I AM lovely, loving and lovable.

I AM strong.

I AM light and luminous.

I AM a writer.

I AM full of creative ideas whose time has come.

I AM the mind of God.

I AM an encourager.

I AM joy and laughter.

I AM prosperous.

I AM a dream catcher.

I AM full of hope.

I AM no longer afraid.

I AM beautiful and full of positive energy.

I AM a spokesperson for all oppressed women.

I AM called to spread a word of truth.

I AM entering into my destiny.

I AM unstoppable.

I AM free of condemnation.

I AM no longer affected by the good opinions of others.

I AM a thought provoker.

I AM a beacon of hope.

I AM genuine.

I AM on the road to success.

I AM a success.

I AM an excellent story teller.

I AM able to pay all my bills and creditors.

I AM able to do and go where ever I desire.

I AM a public speaker.

I AM a frequent guest of Oprah and Ellen.

I AM able to do, exceedingly, abundantly, far above all I could ever ask or think according to the power that works within me. And it IS working.

I AM excited with my life.

I AM finally recognizing my purpose here on earth.

I AM an unconventional speaker of truth.

I AM the voice of women who long to be set free.

I AM free to be the woman I was meant to be.

I AM not ashamed of my thoughts.

I AM not ashamed of my beliefs.

I AM not going to be silenced.

I AM here to let women know they are perfect just the way they are.

I AM to announce sexual freedom and identity freedom.

I AM to expose the lies of the media, the propaganda regarding body type, opinions of others,

and strike down the “they” voices!

I AM Terri Haynes aka Tessa Ruth and my voice will be heard.

I AM like Moses called to set captives free.

I AM fearless.

I AM a word warrior!

I AM a writer par excellence!

I AM woman hear me roar.

I AM a co-creator with God and the full embodiment of Him.

I AM no longer distracted by my circumstances.

I AM disciplined.

I AM able to concentrate on the task at hand.

I AM an excellent time manager.

I AM a directional wizard

I AM healthy and pain free.

I AM free of all addictions.

I AM one who lays down at night fulfilled, in peace.

I AM one who joyfully awakes full of anticipation.

I AM diligent and accomplish all my goals.

I AM proud to be who I AM.

I AM an excellent friend.

I AM a giver.

I AM a good listener.

I AM a lifelong learner.

I AM a communicator who loves all people.

I AM changing every day.

I AM a joyous traveler on an adventurous journey.

I AM a positive influence on Roger, our children, grandchildren and our friends.

I AM a smile seeker and smile creator.

I AM a world changer.

I AM wise and full of Truth.

I AM compassionate and full of understanding.

I AM patient with others and myself.

I AM a positivity pathfinder.

I AM a trailblazer.

I AM a dirty little freak within my covenent bed.

I AM loyal, trustworthy and faithful.

I AM the fluffy black sheep my siblings love

I AM genuine and honest with others, myself and God.

I AM full of consistency.

I AM a hard worker.

I AM surrounded by positive energy and an aura of love is my companion.

I AM love.

I AM a shining example of femininity and sexual energy.

I am Free to be all I was meant to be.