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Today I’m mindful of my son Joshua Lee. He received the nick name Jewbie from Jubilee, the meaning of his name. It has evolved down to JuJuBe over the years. One of Websters shortened definitions for Jubilee is: a year of emancipation and restoration.

Now my Josh spent numerous tumultuous years in the Mid-South. Antsy, frustrated and far more social then our little town could handle; he dreamed of getting the hell out.

Josh holding headingToday I was staring once again at his picture with the text which reads: “Finally made it to the Redwoods!”

Every time I see it I smile and experience his exhilaration. He made it out! His dream of living in California now his reality.

And I am so proud of his resolve. Oh he made mistakes and will make plenty more! But he had the balls to go out on his own,

and now he and his beautiful lady are living their dream. I have no doubt that he will continue to seize each opportunity and manifest more bliss into his life.

And today, my baby boy has inspired me to hold on to my dream and one day he’ll view my #1 Best Seller and smile too!

RedwoodsMay this be his Jubilee year 🙂



I WILL NOT be moved!

Struggles WILL come and ARE eminent. I AM…..

1Strongwoman able to stand thru storms.

1Strongwoman able to move with the universe’s flow, refusing the upstream struggle of the sheeples.

1Strongwoman able to sit in circumstances with JOY and wait patiently with FULL and living hope.

1Strongwoman who knows that without hope you can’t make it through a day.

1 Strongwoman who knows that all things work together for good, to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

1Strongwoman who has been on a life long journey for the significance found in being my genuine self

1Strongwoman who will find a path with the help and encouragement of others

1Strongwoman who will not allow discouragement or nay-saying to prevent me from bettering myself

1Strongwoman who has been through enough rough patches, dark tunnels, slippery slopes, pits of depression, financial fiascos, and spiritual battles to know beyond the shadow of a doubt; that circumstances are temporary, there is light at the end of every tunnel, slippery slopes lead to learning curves and I have guns big enough to work my way up outta each and every pit!

1Strongwoman able because the spirit of the universe lives in me!

1Strongwoman able because “greater is HE that is in me” than anyone in this world telling me “I can’t!”

Because this

1Strongwoman knows God is able to do, exceedingly, abundantly far above ALL I could ask or think.

1Strongwoman who does NOT have can’t in her vocabulary. The word doesn’t compute. Don’t tell me I can’t do something!

For this

1Strongwoman can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.

I fully understand and in all reality, I am right now, embracing the actuality that struggle and hardship are great signs of confirmation. “Where there is no struggle there is no progress”. When I have Your spirit so rise up in me and give me a word; I am always challenged. And when I have courage to follow (and I always obey sooner or later) in spite of all that occurs surrounding the original golden arrow…well greatness happens. Walls move, barriers are identified and dissolved. And my resolve and grit have to pump up and in turn just like my biceps, they get stronger. I thank the universe, for revealing the spirit in me which apparently I’ve left dormant. It rose up out of my mouth like a mama bear protecting her cubs and I couldn’t type fast enough. All the voices shouting in my head; finances, finding a job, disease trying to rob me of my son and now my boyfriend, what if…what if until “Back to hell” I shout aloud! No it won’t be easy. But there is a price for every valuable experience.

I’m grateful that this day’s struggles have brought me back to my word, my quote, my name, the backdrop of my life… I’ve repeated over and over, my retort to each challenge fear or weakness for it is my pass code, my cord to the Power source. My reminder of who I am and how You fill me up to overflowing. 1Strongwoman! Yes that IS me 🙂my bicep tat