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Today I’m mindful of my son Joshua Lee. He received the nick name Jewbie from Jubilee, the meaning of his name. It has evolved down to JuJuBe over the years. One of Websters shortened definitions for Jubilee is: a year of emancipation and restoration.

Now my Josh spent numerous tumultuous years in the Mid-South. Antsy, frustrated and far more social then our little town could handle; he dreamed of getting the hell out.

Josh holding headingToday I was staring once again at his picture with the text which reads: “Finally made it to the Redwoods!”

Every time I see it I smile and experience his exhilaration. He made it out! His dream of living in California now his reality.

And I am so proud of his resolve. Oh he made mistakes and will make plenty more! But he had the balls to go out on his own,

and now he and his beautiful lady are living their dream. I have no doubt that he will continue to seize each opportunity and manifest more bliss into his life.

And today, my baby boy has inspired me to hold on to my dream and one day he’ll view my #1 Best Seller and smile too!

RedwoodsMay this be his Jubilee year 🙂


Got Peace?

world peace Happy International Peace Day!  Question is are YOU at peace this glorious new day? Now if you’re thinking…”Whatever! I’m not reading this fluffy shit!” you are probably not in a place of peace. We have such a need for the often elusive concept of peace which is defined by Webster’s as:

  1. a state of tranquility or quiet
  2. freedom from civil disturbance
  3. state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom
  4. freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions
  5. harmony in personal relations
  6. a state or period of mutual concord between governments

peace jimiThink of how powerful it could be if even for 5 minutes today the whole world visualized peace. If one by one we went through the above definitions and caught a clear picture of how each would be.

If for 5 minutes we left behind all of our old thinking, chose to refuse all rhetoric on “how it is or has to be” and sat in complete bliss instead. Yeah, yeah…you’re a dreamer Tess just dream on! Yes! Yes I am just like Jimi who was also judged and condemned but had a dream of peace…disgusted by his government

Like it or not we ARE all connected

Like it or not we ARE all connected

So, believing we are all part of this world, including each other; one can understand just how powerful it truly would be if together as one unit we all thought and moved towards peace.

Today, understanding I alone can not create this worldwide utopia, I do know I CAN start right here at home with myself.

I will sit for 5 whole minutes and think of peace:

  • in my mind, body, soul and spirit
  • within my nation;  unity between family members, no more drama only encouragement and support
  • at my workplace…oh I may have to stay with that on efor awhile longer 🙂
  • in my little city, state, the world
  • within world governments

What will THAT do you ask?? Well it will get ME in a happier state for starters and then my goal is to allow my bliss train to permeate all around me. Do you see how this conception could actually change the world if implemented??? Yeah, yeah whatever echoes in the background; but for 5 minutes today I WILL enter into peace.

Today I will carefully monitor my thoughts and allow only uplifting words to leave my mouth. Today I will notice the beautiful in me and the beauty all around me. Today, in all I do I will be a peacemaker and be a smile seeker and smile creator. And just for today my world will be a better place. It really is easy then to repeat daily so it becomes habit which then becomes who you are. So today I challenge you to make a short list yourself:

peace challenge

Dreamer, I Know I am a Dreamer

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

writers rule

Hello to all my dream readers! You know who you are because even as I write you are flipping pages on my blog. You are a dreamer just like myself and you will not rest until your passion is fulfilled.

You long to be set free. Free from conformity, normal life and keeping up with the Jones’. You desire to bust out, right in public  and just be the YOU only you know inside. Tired of the mundane, tired of trying to fit your round self into the proverbial square peg. You work each day at a job you hate and dream of earning your keep doing what you’re passionate about. You want to rise above the masses of sheeple people and contribute to the rising paradigm shift occurring in the world today. You dream big enough to believe that you CAN do anything that your powerful mind sets itself to do. You are on the positivity path and have begun to realize that YOU CAN RULE YOUR WORLD BY CHANGING HOW YOU THINK! You seek how to’s and mentor’s that have gone before you in the “Free Your Mind and the rest will follow” realm.

To you, my dream readers,

I come into your screen each day pumping up your fortitude, inspiring you to BE.  Be present. Be proactive. Be informed. But damnmit, BE YOURSELF! To hell with what “they” think. Who died and made “them” boss over your life?? You and only you are in charge of who you are, how you live and what you pursue.

To YOU I dedicate this blog and welcome you inside my world, which is transforming every day simply by how I think.

And to you, Ellen DeGeneres; you are my ultimate Dream Reader. You are the one who IS reading this very post on air in front of a live audience with none other then yours truly, Tessa Ruth Best Selling author as your guest. I know Ellen that you have helped launch so many unknowns because you fully understand the battle inside we all face to simply BE…Be ourselves.

SO if you are one of my Dream Readers reading this blog right now

HIT ME UP PEOPLES! HIT ME UP! Better yet, after you hit me with your comments and feedback, FOLLOW ME and I promise JOY in the Journey!

CONTRACTIONS HAVE BEGUN and Tessa Ruth Will Soon Be Born!

Greetings! I AM Tessa Ruth and I am a writer. I have been journaling since I received my very first furry pink Diary with a lock and key. I have stacks of treasured journals. Some fancy doodle embossed leather, or steno pads, black & white bound composition books with wide lines for penmanship class (wow I‘m dating myself)! Flip pads and 3 subject spirals; a pile of 6” mini books and numerous notebooks with yellow or singed smoky pages, survivors of a house fire. In a quick glance just now, I found one dated back to 1987 and I haven’t even included those boxed in my closet.  So, are you published, you might ask?  Some 20 years ago, I was a Feature Writer for a local small town newspaper and had many stories published; also included in my closet box. I’ve published newsletters and designed curriculum for children when I ran a Day Care Center.  I began earlier this year blogging on WordPress in hit and miss fashion.  So, if seeing your name at the bottom of a page which others are reading is being “published” then yes I am published.  But my life-long dream is to pen inspirational books both true and fiction which are on the Best Sellers List. That to me will be the day I am a published author.

Like many folks do, I put off my dreams for various reasons. Raising children, working jobs I hated because they paid more than writing, fear of rejection and the ever popular procrastination to name a few. But always in the backdrop of my existence was a big emptiness, an unsatiated desire to become all I know myself to be. For years I was able to excuse it away, finding little bits of fulfillment writing in my journals. Then as our 7 children grew and flew from the nest, my priorities also began to shift.  Ahh, but if I continue here, I’ll give away more of my life story then I’m ready to share! I’d rather you read the journey of “1Strongwoman!” off the rack of your local bookstore!

You see I have been heavy with child for some 30 years and Braxton Hicks contractions have begun. I always thought I’d have 1 more baby girl and I would name her Tessa Ruth. Tessa because my beloved brother still calls me Tess and Ruth because that’s what my Mama wanted to name me. I realized Tessa Ruth, which will be my pseudonym (pen name), is my Book Baby. All of these years and most especially these last 6 months have been preparing me for my new life as Tessa Ruth, renowned Best Selling Author/Speaker. I have set specific goals and am on track to have my Autobiography manuscript ready for publication by December of this year. “And I’m so excited, that I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it, like it!!!”

I look forward to expanding and personalizing my blog page. I have committed to post Monday, Wednesday and Fridays just to keep my creativity well oiled and slay the fear dragon. I hope to find mentors and genuine critics who will help my passion bloom. Ultimately, establishing a forum from which I can explode my ideas to millions is my purpose for this blog site


smile clock

Writing is My Vehicle

Writing is my vehicle
taking me where ever I need to be.
It cleanses me like a car wash.
It rids me of burdens
as if going to the dump.
It flies me above present circumstances
allowing me to feel the warmth of the sun.
The click of the keys reminiscent of
climbing roller coaster rails
rising higher and higher.
My words building anticipation of what’s to come.
Yes! That works! Ha ha THAT is funny!
Click, click, tap, tap.
I am momentarily carried away in a frenzied chariot.
Rumbling onward towards my dreams.
Writing is my vehicle,
my transportation towards
a new world.