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Don’t Sully Up Your Shine Positive Change 357

I often wake up inspired, full of creativity, only to allow mundane thoughts to cloud up my shine. Feeling urgency well up in my spirit, I’d think to myself, “I need to write this down”. Then the other voices would begin their banter. “Yes but first you need to……”  do all sorts of important stuff like:

  • load the dishwasher
  • sweep up around the woodstove
  • straighten throw rugs our newest kitten keeps attacking

well now, you get my drift. Many days little self induced “I must” tasks would completely obliterate my creativity. Other days, I’d make it through the unimportant tasks and actually make it to my writing nook. I’d slide out the keyboard, anticipating a fresh clear flow of words, proud that I finally cleared away all my “have to’s. But alas, instead of immediately going to one of the 3 books I’m writing or even to my blog I ‘d get sucked in by another barrage of super crucial and worthwhile endeavors like:

  • checking my e-mail
  • clicking on MSN gossip tidbits that scream from the bottom of the screen
  • seeing who’s on FB
  • or checking our bank balance which I already know hasn’t changed.

Yep, sullying up my own shine! I don’t know ’bout ya’ll, but I classically spend the last couple of weeks of December reflecting and projecting on my life. Oh yes, I’ve been one of the lofty goal makers.  I’d pine over that didn’t’s and should haves. I’d let myself grieve then pump myself back up and gear up for the next set of ridiculous unobtainables (yes I just made up that word)!  NOT THIS YEAR!  Instead I made a conscious decision to not take that long and contemplative look back. I was precariously close to the edge of the depression pit and I refused to waste a second more of my precious time. OK the truth is I came close to the reality of death being a real possibility with my kidney cancer in 2013. One would think I would have had one of those inspirational wake up calls and suddenly “turned my life around”.  No, instead being the head banger I’ve always been, I continued in the latter half of 2014 to push the envelope. I started smoking again. I gave my one healthy kidney energy drinks and I repeated the same procrastinatie (so I like to make up words/shoot me!) habits regarding my gifts and passions. Which did indeed put me in that deep dark pit of self pity and doubt. I fought almost the whole month of December with “stinkin thinkin”. Condemning myself for squandering my time. Tying myself to the whipping post for not completing 1 book let alone 3. Yadda yadda! Then I began to self inquire. Why were some areas of my life, like losing 90 lbs 7 years ago easier then others?  What was I doing in areas I felt successful in? What propelled that feeling of empowerment? How could I replicate that same process in the area of my dream to write books that encourage the world? All my musings led back to the bottom line of life.





Now my only goal for 2015 is to make every day fantabulous. It is definitely a work in progress. I still have quotes and positive affirmations all over my home. They help. Those along with positive music,  my fitness routines, practicing yoga, meditation and breath work and of course, my walks in the woods.  They comprise my defensive arsenal. It is who I’ve evolved into and what I recognize is worthy of guarding. I want to learn this year to stay in that high vibrational frequency. Which has led me to “capture every thought” (yep that’s Word, imagine that) and decide if it warrants being in my mind. If it’s not positive, complimentary to my self esteem, or affirming to my passions and dreams, it has to go! One of many bracelets I wear which are significant to me is one  I acquired at an Andy Dooley “Vibration Activation” seminar. It states; “STOP CANCEL CLEAR GET THE FEAR OUT OF HERE”.  When one of those “intruding thoughts” comes into my mind, I’m trying to remember to snap that bracelet, interrupt that stinkin thought and replace it with what I do want to think. Whatever tool you choose will work if you DECIDE TO WORK IT! again IT ALL STARTS BETWEEN OUR EARS.

I was tickled to see similar blogging on this topic this morning at:    check out Granonine, she’s sure to inspire you!

P.S.   I have not  been anywhere on my computer but here today and was only interrupted by feeding chickens and walking Duke in the woods. An interruption that always leaves me smiling!

P.P.S. Google Andy Dooley he’ll lift your spirits!

YES I walk in the woods even when it's 6 degrees!

YES I walk in the woods even when it’s 6 degrees!

stop cancel clear braceletSTOP! CANCEL! CLEAR! GET THE FEAR OUT OF HERE!