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What is a widget?  Well, I think I know but love words so much I simply must go to the dictionary.



(informal) any small mechanism or device, the name of which is unknown or temporarily forgotten

a small device in a beer can which, when the can is opened, releases nitrogen gas into the beer, giving it a head

a small computer program that can be installed on and executed from the desktop of a personal computer


Hmmm! See? Learn something new each day I always say!

First definition sounds kinda like whatchamacallit or franastan or dewhickie.  Yes spellchecker, I DO have my own fantabulous way of spelling don’t I?

Definition #2 well THAT was what made that weird noise in the beer awhile back! while chuckling at the though of giving beer head!

And the last is pretty close to the widgetity dewhickies I’m learning to use on that there site…whatchamacallit, the sumthing Press…oh yes wordpress site! Ka-pow! Nailed it.

OH THIS HAS BECOME SOMEWHAT FUN, THROWING FANETICKLY INCORRECT WORDS AROUND THE PAGE.  Oh boy, now I’m so worked up I’m shouting and didn’t even realize it!

But then there is THIS one:

Contemporary definitions for widget


an element of a graphical user interface such as a button or scroll bar; also, a module of software for a personalized Web page    

YES YES  this was my original guess at this lovely word’s meaning.


The widget allows you to have “things to be happy about” on your Web site.

Twoshay for this example!  The things to be happy on my website today are Daily Prompts which engaged me to write – silly as it might be, I’m smiling and writing…heck AND posting this on my blog.  Gonna try that cyber trick called a ping back. Oh my goodness the ping is without the pong! Now THAT would be a great Daily Prompt! What is a pong?



Feedback welcome :)

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