Believing in Everything I AM Nurtures Greatness

362 Days to Document

One of the major accomplishments for me today was refraining from negative self-talk regarding not blogging yesterday.

I am recognizing this bad vibe which comes over me when I don’t achieve “whatever”. It is a tightening, an anxiety, a feeling of “less than” and now when it begins I tell it to take a hike. I made so much progress today even with Roger, my boyfriend being home as well. You ladies know how it is when your man is around. Our focus often wanders or we chose not to do what we would in their absence. Today was awesome. We did various house chores on our own, took breaks together and worked together on a few. I rearranged a few areas and have 3 bags for Goodwill.I just about completed my vision/quote wall and am prepared for my dear friend Lady’s visit in the morning.We are entering into an accountability adventure and are both extremely excited. I’ve always preached to my children the old adage:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Imagine my self disgust when I realized that’s exactly what I’d been doing the last 3 months.

I may not have my full “Plan” written out; however I am making positive changes and steps towards my dreams each day.

I have not had a cigarette since New Year’s Eve

I have officially (ok its official after I go to bed) made it through 3 days of a liquid only cleanse diet.

I walked further with Duke today and  once again spent time out in the woods. I  wrote in my journal. I’m posting another blog and beginning to feel a good write coming on, other then simple documentation.

The best part is I’m feeling joyful again. Winter is so not my season. I’m a Summer all the way. Yet I’m discovering that if I get outside in my woods, even in the cold and grey, I emerge happy 🙂


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