Believing in Everything I AM Nurtures Greatness

364 Days to Document…

Today’s Steps Forward:

  1. Recognized that staying up past midnight and waking at 8am leaves me groggy all day. Thus I’ll be in bed after this post.
  2. Did my morning Yoga DVD and discovered the fitness room carpet HAS to be cleaned!
  3. Walked Duke further then yesterday with very little pain in my knee.
  4. Got my new planner book set up.
  5. Sent out thank you notes (which is my  kickoff to more intimate communication with my loved ones)
  6. Spent 40 minutes meditating/dreaming in our woods; aiming for a daily occurrence in any weather
  7. Said goodbye to my son Josh and his lady who head back to CA tomorrow
  8. Didn’t accomplish enough on my day off……HOWEVER I choose to focus instead on the good vibes generated and remind myself that a little progress each and every day makes dreams reality.

Feedback welcome :)

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