Believing in Everything I AM Nurtures Greatness

Happy Place Gateways

I am energy.

Been moving in slow-mo. But it’s building, building. Getting stronger and stronger.

It’s the beat in my chest,

laugh lines carving deeper.

Been to your Happy Place today?

Been to your Happy Place today?

The hand expanse of an eagle.

Wind blowing in my hair.

It’s the exhilaration of plunging hot bodies into icy river water. Ahhhhh…..

It’s floating, arms & legs wide open, eyes closed plugs in ears….tranquility.

It’s the SUPER on my natural, the nitrice on my tanks.

The speed of light, whirling around inside my head.

It’s dancing in the rain, bare ass naked.

Explosions of creative beauty like a two toned rose opening it’s glory towards the world.

It’s Mali, my 4 year old GB saying, “Are you seriously??”

It’s the warmth in my center that electrifies my spine when he touches me.

The glistening eyes admiring a beloved pet.

All take me into the Happy vortex, gliding on a canopy of bliss.

And when I dance like no one is watching

my Happy Place getaway becomes HOME!


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