Believing in Everything I AM Nurtures Greatness

H aving   O nly  P ositive  E xpectations

78574-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Colorful-Hope-Word This was the sign which greeted me at the check-in desk of Vanderbilt Cancer Center. It was preceded by the beautiful black woman gently encouraging a dying man standing in front of me. “How are you today Ms. Theresa”? she asked. “I’m wonderful”! I honestly replied. “I love this sign”. I told her pointing to the flowery Hope sign. “A dear Lady made this for me and two weeks later she was gone. I’m surprised they haven’t made me take it down.”

I always no matter what, feel better when I come here. I immediately recognize once again the sheer joy of being alive. I wonder with fascination why most folks wait until a dance with the Big C evokes positive thinking. There are family members here, suddenly thrust into the cheerleader position. Patients with empty eyes staring vacantly. The occasional chemo patient who brightens the day of healthy valet drivers and aides. And the rare jewel who illuminates the room with high vibrational frequencies of joy, humor and happiness even sporting a bald head and walker. There is a diversity of age and ethnicity with the exception of children. They have their own Cancer Center. The receptionists and lab techs are an exceptional breed of givers. Surrounded 40 plus hours a week by death and dying they abound with perky responses to each inquiry. I am humbled to be in the presence of each spirit represented in this holding area. I did not experience any of the nightmarishness many have gone through. No chemo or vomiting, no transfusions or permanent port, no hair loss or constant pain. In the course of 2 months I went from:

healthy >>> kidney cancer diagnosis >>>radical nephrectomy(right kidney removal) >>>disease free

Now I’m not destined for saint hood nor claim to be self-less. I walked through my own valley and struggled immensely physically, emotionally and mentally post surgery. It has been a difficult, at times lonely, path back to vitality. A pivotal year in the 1Strongwoman! journey. Sitting here after my labs, waiting to see my cancer dude, I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving and gratitude. I’m alive and well. I’m riding my bike more frequently to work (8 mile roundtrip). I recently made it to my swim goal of 1 mile (32 laps) and have done 33 laps twice this week. I’m beginning to walk Duke again in spite of this torn meniscus in my right knee. I transitioned out of the robotron machine when I walked out of Nissan. I’m progressing in my desire to inspire woman 40 -100 towards fitness with my Rec Center job. I’m training for Spring Senior Olympics and I’m writing all the time! I’ve set goals and am on track to have a manuscript ready in December, Best Seller list by my February birthday and my 2nd book ready for a Mother’s Day release. But most importantly this year has been learning to just Be. Be in the moment. Aware of all my senses. Awed by the beauty all around me. Negative thoughts are mostly past tense and I catch myself thinking positively on a daily basis. And now low and behold, as my thinking habits have been identified and reprogramed towards good; good keeps coming my way.

So Doctor P, come on in this exam room and verify I am healthy and full of vibrant energy! And so it is and so I let it be 🙂

~I am officially a setting on the dryer…completely Normal~

Ha ha I laughed and told my Doc he obviously doesn’t know me as I am far from normal, I’m extraordinarily weird to most!

Thanks to the Universe I had a great day!


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