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Late Blooming is Still Blooming!

So, I’ve been behind with my Blogging 101 Class. Yes, let the wet noodle beating begin!

In my defense, I have been working through a USM class, trying to write daily on my first book, and experiencing a learning curve teaching new Aerobics Classes at work. What a refreshing place to be today, life FULL of exciting, life changing activities all in line with my dreams and goals. One of which is establishing my identity in the Blogging World, oh but I have digressed…..

Being a perfectionist and thirsting for knowledge, I couldn’t just pick up on today’s Blogging 101 assignment. So, without further delay here is my next assignment:

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

One Word Photo Challenge–Mustard by Silver Threading

You said 6 days ago:                     Yes 6 whole days ago!

Good Evening! I’m Tess and I’ve been peeking into your world for the last 20 minutes. Since I already feel right at home I thought I’d introduce myself. Maybe you’ll feel the same. Either way, I enjoyed your words.

Silver Threading said 6 days ago:

I am glad to meet you Tess! Your kind words made my day. Thanks for visiting. I am following your blog just from this message. ♡♡♡

Our prior assignment had us read our neighbors blogs and leave comments. I found this informative, fun and quite addictive. Take my new friend Colleen Chesebro  of Silver Threading. I enjoyed her posts, layout and encouragement. I understand why she has some many Blog Awards and accolades; she makes you feel like you’re sitting at her kitchen table drinking coffee, or wine! My hope is to warmly draw readers in as I begin to navigate through this wonderful internet world. So if you haven’t already visited Colleen check her out here

As for me. I’m off to complete the next assignment.



Today I’m mindful of my son Joshua Lee. He received the nick name Jewbie from Jubilee, the meaning of his name. It has evolved down to JuJuBe over the years. One of Websters shortened definitions for Jubilee is: a year of emancipation and restoration.

Now my Josh spent numerous tumultuous years in the Mid-South. Antsy, frustrated and far more social then our little town could handle; he dreamed of getting the hell out.

Josh holding headingToday I was staring once again at his picture with the text which reads: “Finally made it to the Redwoods!”

Every time I see it I smile and experience his exhilaration. He made it out! His dream of living in California now his reality.

And I am so proud of his resolve. Oh he made mistakes and will make plenty more! But he had the balls to go out on his own,

and now he and his beautiful lady are living their dream. I have no doubt that he will continue to seize each opportunity and manifest more bliss into his life.

And today, my baby boy has inspired me to hold on to my dream and one day he’ll view my #1 Best Seller and smile too!

RedwoodsMay this be his Jubilee year 🙂

Happy Place Gateways

I am energy.

Been moving in slow-mo. But it’s building, building. Getting stronger and stronger.

It’s the beat in my chest,

laugh lines carving deeper.

Been to your Happy Place today?

Been to your Happy Place today?

The hand expanse of an eagle.

Wind blowing in my hair.

It’s the exhilaration of plunging hot bodies into icy river water. Ahhhhh…..

It’s floating, arms & legs wide open, eyes closed plugs in ears….tranquility.

It’s the SUPER on my natural, the nitrice on my tanks.

The speed of light, whirling around inside my head.

It’s dancing in the rain, bare ass naked.

Explosions of creative beauty like a two toned rose opening it’s glory towards the world.

It’s Mali, my 4 year old GB saying, “Are you seriously??”

It’s the warmth in my center that electrifies my spine when he touches me.

The glistening eyes admiring a beloved pet.

All take me into the Happy vortex, gliding on a canopy of bliss.

And when I dance like no one is watching

my Happy Place getaway becomes HOME!

Got Peace?

world peace Happy International Peace Day!  Question is are YOU at peace this glorious new day? Now if you’re thinking…”Whatever! I’m not reading this fluffy shit!” you are probably not in a place of peace. We have such a need for the often elusive concept of peace which is defined by Webster’s as:

  1. a state of tranquility or quiet
  2. freedom from civil disturbance
  3. state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom
  4. freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions
  5. harmony in personal relations
  6. a state or period of mutual concord between governments

peace jimiThink of how powerful it could be if even for 5 minutes today the whole world visualized peace. If one by one we went through the above definitions and caught a clear picture of how each would be.

If for 5 minutes we left behind all of our old thinking, chose to refuse all rhetoric on “how it is or has to be” and sat in complete bliss instead. Yeah, yeah…you’re a dreamer Tess just dream on! Yes! Yes I am just like Jimi who was also judged and condemned but had a dream of peace…disgusted by his government

Like it or not we ARE all connected

Like it or not we ARE all connected

So, believing we are all part of this world, including each other; one can understand just how powerful it truly would be if together as one unit we all thought and moved towards peace.

Today, understanding I alone can not create this worldwide utopia, I do know I CAN start right here at home with myself.

I will sit for 5 whole minutes and think of peace:

  • in my mind, body, soul and spirit
  • within my nation;  unity between family members, no more drama only encouragement and support
  • at my workplace…oh I may have to stay with that on efor awhile longer 🙂
  • in my little city, state, the world
  • within world governments

What will THAT do you ask?? Well it will get ME in a happier state for starters and then my goal is to allow my bliss train to permeate all around me. Do you see how this conception could actually change the world if implemented??? Yeah, yeah whatever echoes in the background; but for 5 minutes today I WILL enter into peace.

Today I will carefully monitor my thoughts and allow only uplifting words to leave my mouth. Today I will notice the beautiful in me and the beauty all around me. Today, in all I do I will be a peacemaker and be a smile seeker and smile creator. And just for today my world will be a better place. It really is easy then to repeat daily so it becomes habit which then becomes who you are. So today I challenge you to make a short list yourself:

peace challenge

Dreamer, I Know I am a Dreamer

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

writers rule

Hello to all my dream readers! You know who you are because even as I write you are flipping pages on my blog. You are a dreamer just like myself and you will not rest until your passion is fulfilled.

You long to be set free. Free from conformity, normal life and keeping up with the Jones’. You desire to bust out, right in public  and just be the YOU only you know inside. Tired of the mundane, tired of trying to fit your round self into the proverbial square peg. You work each day at a job you hate and dream of earning your keep doing what you’re passionate about. You want to rise above the masses of sheeple people and contribute to the rising paradigm shift occurring in the world today. You dream big enough to believe that you CAN do anything that your powerful mind sets itself to do. You are on the positivity path and have begun to realize that YOU CAN RULE YOUR WORLD BY CHANGING HOW YOU THINK! You seek how to’s and mentor’s that have gone before you in the “Free Your Mind and the rest will follow” realm.

To you, my dream readers,

I come into your screen each day pumping up your fortitude, inspiring you to BE.  Be present. Be proactive. Be informed. But damnmit, BE YOURSELF! To hell with what “they” think. Who died and made “them” boss over your life?? You and only you are in charge of who you are, how you live and what you pursue.

To YOU I dedicate this blog and welcome you inside my world, which is transforming every day simply by how I think.

And to you, Ellen DeGeneres; you are my ultimate Dream Reader. You are the one who IS reading this very post on air in front of a live audience with none other then yours truly, Tessa Ruth Best Selling author as your guest. I know Ellen that you have helped launch so many unknowns because you fully understand the battle inside we all face to simply BE…Be ourselves.

SO if you are one of my Dream Readers reading this blog right now

HIT ME UP PEOPLES! HIT ME UP! Better yet, after you hit me with your comments and feedback, FOLLOW ME and I promise JOY in the Journey!


Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

1:50 PM

Just settled in from work and needed to get my “write” on so what better way then to accept the daily blog challenge?

Been thinking the whole way home about a dear friend of mine whom I love. Her thinking is her main abuse. She thinks erroneously that she is nothing, unworthy and destined to remain that way. Yes she’s had a rough life. Yes she’s made some poor choices and yes she alone is responsible for her current life situation. But the question I cannot seem to answer is why one would choose to remain in a place of misery. And, bless her heart, she isn’t alone. The world is full of people who continue the same sucky life cycles repetitively. But alas the world promotes the victim mentality and the I can’t mantra from every angle. Maybe some of us are more fighter then settlers. I only know that if I could help her to change I would probably give my left arm to do so. I would if I could but I can’t so I won’t. At this point all I can do is encourage, share instrumental information that changed my life and listen. I cannot DO it for her and that frustrates the hell out of me. All I have control of is ME, not one single other individual. I don’t want to watch her slowly kill herself. But the bottom line is until she accepts responsibly for her life and decides to really pursue something better I remain helpless and sadly, heartbroken.

2:00 PM

A Message of HOPE made me Smile

H aving   O nly  P ositive  E xpectations

78574-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Colorful-Hope-Word This was the sign which greeted me at the check-in desk of Vanderbilt Cancer Center. It was preceded by the beautiful black woman gently encouraging a dying man standing in front of me. “How are you today Ms. Theresa”? she asked. “I’m wonderful”! I honestly replied. “I love this sign”. I told her pointing to the flowery Hope sign. “A dear Lady made this for me and two weeks later she was gone. I’m surprised they haven’t made me take it down.”

I always no matter what, feel better when I come here. I immediately recognize once again the sheer joy of being alive. I wonder with fascination why most folks wait until a dance with the Big C evokes positive thinking. There are family members here, suddenly thrust into the cheerleader position. Patients with empty eyes staring vacantly. The occasional chemo patient who brightens the day of healthy valet drivers and aides. And the rare jewel who illuminates the room with high vibrational frequencies of joy, humor and happiness even sporting a bald head and walker. There is a diversity of age and ethnicity with the exception of children. They have their own Cancer Center. The receptionists and lab techs are an exceptional breed of givers. Surrounded 40 plus hours a week by death and dying they abound with perky responses to each inquiry. I am humbled to be in the presence of each spirit represented in this holding area. I did not experience any of the nightmarishness many have gone through. No chemo or vomiting, no transfusions or permanent port, no hair loss or constant pain. In the course of 2 months I went from:

healthy >>> kidney cancer diagnosis >>>radical nephrectomy(right kidney removal) >>>disease free

Now I’m not destined for saint hood nor claim to be self-less. I walked through my own valley and struggled immensely physically, emotionally and mentally post surgery. It has been a difficult, at times lonely, path back to vitality. A pivotal year in the 1Strongwoman! journey. Sitting here after my labs, waiting to see my cancer dude, I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving and gratitude. I’m alive and well. I’m riding my bike more frequently to work (8 mile roundtrip). I recently made it to my swim goal of 1 mile (32 laps) and have done 33 laps twice this week. I’m beginning to walk Duke again in spite of this torn meniscus in my right knee. I transitioned out of the robotron machine when I walked out of Nissan. I’m progressing in my desire to inspire woman 40 -100 towards fitness with my Rec Center job. I’m training for Spring Senior Olympics and I’m writing all the time! I’ve set goals and am on track to have a manuscript ready in December, Best Seller list by my February birthday and my 2nd book ready for a Mother’s Day release. But most importantly this year has been learning to just Be. Be in the moment. Aware of all my senses. Awed by the beauty all around me. Negative thoughts are mostly past tense and I catch myself thinking positively on a daily basis. And now low and behold, as my thinking habits have been identified and reprogramed towards good; good keeps coming my way.

So Doctor P, come on in this exam room and verify I am healthy and full of vibrant energy! And so it is and so I let it be 🙂

~I am officially a setting on the dryer…completely Normal~

Ha ha I laughed and told my Doc he obviously doesn’t know me as I am far from normal, I’m extraordinarily weird to most!

Thanks to the Universe I had a great day!