Believing in Everything I AM Nurtures Greatness


Lackluster, as if the lights have gone out.
Tired and zombie like
I drift through the day.
No reasonable cause cited
no recognizable end in sight.
Are there demons to be slain
or angels needing resurrection?
I know not
Wondering where have I gone
and when I’ll return
to some degree of momentum.
A sway in a breeze at least?
An upward turn in my straight line lips?
Is it my age? Hormones ceasing to rage?
Seasonal change, moon in wrong house??
I really don’t care to delve.
No, I think a simple acknowledgement is all I can muster.
Multifaceted me in some sort of funk.
I will rise again this I know
But for now
I am


Comments on: "Blah" (1)

  1. maryann garneau said:

    xoxoxo coming your way!

    love you,

    as always,


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