Believing in Everything I AM Nurtures Greatness

We are a weeble nation

one that doesn’t quit.

We may be weird to others,

but we don’t give a shit.


We know Whose we are

and we know who to call.

It’s why we can get up

and smile when we fall.


Although far from perfect

a nation we are one.

Each unique in their greatness

Together, the powers’ just begun.


For we are dreamers and seekers

we won’t stand for less.

Speak out, create and stimulatefamily pole

the world we want to bless.


For others want to know

why it is we can go on.

At peace within the storms

our legacy when we’re gone.


We embrace each moment

knowing all we have is now

our destinies rush in

Our willingness proceeds the how.


For weebles wobble

and yes they fall. Then

rise up, shoulders back

and scale every wall.


We are a weeble nation

one that gives a shit

about being our genuine selves

and dreams that never quit.

Tessa Rue 2-3-14


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