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My First Blog

A slow purposeful exhalation of negativity follows my deep burdened inhale. A wave of relief swells in the center of my being availing a glimmer of the rush to come. The warmth of peace free falls through my veins to the edges of my fingertips and toes. Peace so powerful it cannot be contained, flows through me and enters the water then embraces the earth. Unites with the sun, entwines with the clouds and kisses the sky. We are one, interconnected, gliding in harmony. The flow is intense. It cleanses and clarifies; encourages and applauds. It validates and secures. It affirms and charges. It’s “I CAN DO ANYTHING” power. And for a nano second, I can. I’m aware of a joy filled smile on my face and involuntarily laugh aloud. Until suddenly a wave brings water up my nose and poof it’s gone. Once again I’m cold and feel like I’m drowning. The battle of my thoughts resumes.
Oh but right there, in that moment I understood. I got it, the pure simplicity of it all. I’m here to simply BE. Yes BE I said! BE my genuine self. The “no one else like me” , “weird to others but I don’t give a shit” kind of genuine self. Genuine enough with myself to recognize my dreams lie within my passions.
And suddenly I’m hearing John Lennon singing “Imagine all the people, living life in peace”
As utopian it seems, if we could learn to BE ourselves and live in the NOW it is possible.
Check out my thoughts . Put em in your hopper and let em percolate.

If each individual was their true self,
which is why we are here, our purpose.. which is to contribute our uniqueness to the universe in which ALL flows together
and pursued their personal passions;
contributing to others using our personal giftedness instead of allowing the world,the government, corporations or individuals dictate what we’re “supposed to do or be”
they would experience ultimate peace, and
by no longer denying the very essence of your personal being, thus alleviating the pressure of conformity, they are free to be and contribute to the universe which reciprocates with a vocation utilizing their passion. And I believe
individual peace leads to world peace.
You see, I can only speak for myself and share my experiences. I have found that my true freedom is coming as I reconcile with my genuine self. I’m learning to BE and trying to stay in the the now.
And this blog is yet another step towards pursuing my passion. To encourage and stimulate others with my life journey via the written word and eventually motivational speaking.
So bear with me as I navigate my way on this site and begin to document The Journey of 1Strong Woman learning to BE in the NOW.

  • Future Topics/Entries will include
  • My I AM list
  • Resurrecting the Art of Submission
  • Looking Up the Nose of Condescension
  • Weeble Nation
  • 2 Months and Cancer Free Why I Feel so Guilty
  • Mother Nature Speaks /Freedom 101
  • Yaks, Guns and Zip-lines
  • The Chicken Project
  • 1 Cool Gramie and her 8 Gbs
  • Visions Dancing in My Head
  • Ireland is Too Far From Home
  • Ya Got to Have Friends! Do You Now??
  • The Walking School
  • I will also be Chronicling the Reality of my son’s cardiac sarcoma cancer diagnosis we just received in November.

SO until we meet again….
Think for yourself!
Explore. Conversate (as in leave me a comment)
Dare to leave doubts and fears behind.
Discover who you are and face yourself.

Peace Check out my thoughts . Put em in your hopper and let em percolate.

Check out my thoughts . Put em in your hopper and let em percolate.

Forgive, comfort and embrace yourself.
Fall in love with who you BE!
Create a new world pouring out
the deep hues and rich passions which are yours alone.
And our lives will be rich inside and out and peace will reign.
And so it is and so we let it be!

Much thanks and props go out to The Daily Post for the 1000 Word Challenge, the use of the beautiful picture and if giving me the kick start to my 1st Blog 🙂


Comments on: "My First Blog" (6)

  1. I do this. Love it. Great first blog.

  2. Reblogged this on "Crone-ing" and commented:
    This reminded me so much of what the water means to me and why I need to spend more time at the ocean.

  3. Mom, you really should have began this journey long ago! GREAT writing…looking forward to what is to come…

  4. Lady Walker said:

    Once again, I am speechless. It’s storming here and a half past midnight. I want to throw a fit of defiance and scream that “question” that answers itself, but then realize that the “why” of it is irrelevant.

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