Believing in Everything I AM Nurtures Greatness

Oh I have been gone from the internet for a loong Southern minute; but what is rising up in me may just may take my internet presence back to the forefront of my existence! Yes, here I am, just turned 59 yesterday and 15 days past being “sent home” with a corporate “corrective action”. And 8 working days since my “formal resignation” from said corporate entity and I might add, MAD AS HELL AT THE STATE OF OUR COUNTRY!! It was one thing to see the lies pouring from Chinese rhetoric about the coronavirus. It was another to see the continued negativity towards our present President. But today, to see the injustice served to an innocent man; Roger Stone, and to recognize that the very same demonic operative is alive and present in my own little space in Middle Tennessee is both appalling and more importantly ACTIVATING!!IS THIS THE COUNTRY I AM TO LEAVE MY NINE GRANDBABIES???? I think not!!! I will come out of my internet hiding and speak my mind DAILY because if I don’t the very rocks I walk on will cry out!!! I may leave the planet but not before I do everything in my power to speak truth to ALL that will give me audience! How long will we continue to take this continued injustice and do NOTHING???? I was the 3rd woman targeted for termination at my company in the last 5 months. Each had erroneous allegations against them and although they knew it to be wrong, they caved and were terminated. I too, was targeted, literally for doing the right thing and had a false narrative thrown up about me, my reputation and integrity attacked. The difference was I rode it out to the limit of my ability. I traveled up to the top of that “chain of command” I made my voice known to the Labor Department as well. They backed off and asked me to come back and reduced my “corrective action”. But I was expected to continue as a subordinate under these corrupt corporate fools, who received no correction for their actions. None. Nada. Kinda like the current democratic party, above the law. They can do no wrong as long as the boot licking and butt raising continues. Not me! I will not compromise my moral, ethical and spiritual values! Not one miniscule fiber of any of them! I chose to resign and walk away from that toxic environment. I will find another job, for you see God is my Provider, not some evil corporation. My spirit, integrity and character are still shining; while there are still those cowering down simply to have a paycheck with “benefits”! HELLO AMERICA! DO NOT SELL YOUR SOULS TO THESE TYRANTS! STAND THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! TIME TO “RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE” AND START SCREAMING……WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT! NO! WE AIN’T GONNA TAKE IT! WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

The outcome will take care of itself.                                                              monster

I’ve known for years I’ve had it in me. I guess it just wasn’t priority. My MO is when I get uncomfortable enough in a situation, my priorities change. I’m currently in a new “uncomfortable” mode. Not the threatening uncertainty and chaos like most of my past. No, this is a gnawing continuous desire or challenge; depending on the days’ perspective. It too has always been therelatent, remaining at bay, waiting patiently for the time to finally become the priority. Funny how reaching a level of contentment you never thought possible; will evoke thosedormant pieces, alive yet untapped. So if this day is the discovery of uncharted territory; then let the adventure begin!

Being a late life bloomer, I’m convinced and fully believe I’ll live to at least 100. If there is one thing I DO have it’s survivor skills. Now, utilizing those skills in fresh innovative ways will be my challenge. But that ascent is still fairly futuristic. Any new adventure and challenge of my will always begins with the thoughts. Oh sure, I’ve had these thoughts before; but they have always been squelched by the necessity of the time period.

In retrospect I’ve noticed that everything has been barreling down to this target point. All else in my life, has been completed or moved out of the way. My last mental hurdle is shattering as I type.

I now realize that it is NOT selfish to pursue my own personal dreams. Nor do I need to carry guilt about the choices I’ve made any longer. Coining the phrase used by Brian Kelly (a former work supervisor) my life “Is what it is.” No going back. No ruminating like a fucking cow over all the mistakes and consequences. All that behavior availed me was a colossal waste of precious time. And at 55 healthy years old, time is an extremely precious commodity. So in the words of Bonapart:

“Circumstances?! What are circumstances? I create my own circumstances!”.

IT IS TIME TO CREATE!  stopwatch

The preface of this new focused adventure were rather morbid thoughts of:

  • Will I be remembered for anything when I’m gone?
  • Will my children ever think highly of me?
  • Will I struggle financially until the day I die?
  • Will relational, financial and emotional security always evade me?
  • Will I ever make something of my life?

Oh yes, I am so ready to crush the weighty rocks of contemplating where I’m at, to free the flow of where I am going…to see fulfillment of the visions in my head.

You see, my life has been a tapestry of dark and bright colors; tapestryevery step of the way a charted course allowing me to become who I am right now. We all hold keys of enlightenment for others to grasp and rise out of their mire into new levels they never thought possible. This accomplished solely with an encouragement from our own lives. As pretentious as I’ve thought that was, I am so compelled to pen my tale I can hardly stand it anymore. Perhaps it is just a self-healing. Or a legacy to leave for my children, GBs and the nation I call mine. Sure I would like to think that it will be “all that” AND a national bestseller to boot; but when a desire becomes this strong I generally find a way to accomplish it.

Right now I am probably the most content I’ve ever been in my entire life. I actually have self confidence, a task which has taken me over 40 years to obtain. I am utterly and completely secure in who I am, whose I am and where I’m ultimately going. My spirit is experiencing freedom that I haven’t had in 31 years of walking with the Lord. He has given me a man who loves Him, prays with me daily and is one smokin’ hottie! How we got together, well that is a chapter in itself. I thoroughly enjoy the close relationships that are developing with my adult children and GBs (grandbabies). I’m within 25 lbs of my goal weight and the healthiest I’ve ever been. I have and will continue to face personal physical challenges, pushing my body to very cool limits. My spiritual enlightenment continues to broaden and the ability to manifest is blossoming. I’ve discovered I am one passionate individual and truly like who I am.

However, since finances have an incredibly huge impact on most everything else, I must rise up to a new level and I must remain diligent and keep writing until change comes.

I must hold onto the vision of complete unity within my nation, down to the very smallest detail and continue to speak it into existence. I must daily trust that our Source has my relationship with Roger in His hands and drink in every moment with gratefulness. And I must follow this unsatiable desire to write down my life story. Only the Universe knows the outcome and I trust I’m in most excellent hands.

So I will begin at the beginning. I will be as honest as I can. Please keep in mind that this is solely my perspective. Those involved in the unfolding as I present it; may have a completely different take on the same story. I only own my experience and mean no intentional harm to anyone mentioned. It merely “is was it is” as witnessed through my perspective and how it affected only me.


First and foremost to the lover of my soul, who accepts me just the way I am and challenges me to be more like Him/Her each day

To my sons & daughters, my absolute best accomplishment in life. May this give you insight just where and when you may need it

To My Roger, who helped set me free to be the person I am now

I love you all


What is a widget?  Well, I think I know but love words so much I simply must go to the dictionary.



(informal) any small mechanism or device, the name of which is unknown or temporarily forgotten

a small device in a beer can which, when the can is opened, releases nitrogen gas into the beer, giving it a head

a small computer program that can be installed on and executed from the desktop of a personal computer


Hmmm! See? Learn something new each day I always say!

First definition sounds kinda like whatchamacallit or franastan or dewhickie.  Yes spellchecker, I DO have my own fantabulous way of spelling don’t I?

Definition #2 well THAT was what made that weird noise in the beer awhile back! while chuckling at the though of giving beer head!

And the last is pretty close to the widgetity dewhickies I’m learning to use on that there site…whatchamacallit, the sumthing Press…oh yes wordpress site! Ka-pow! Nailed it.

OH THIS HAS BECOME SOMEWHAT FUN, THROWING FANETICKLY INCORRECT WORDS AROUND THE PAGE.  Oh boy, now I’m so worked up I’m shouting and didn’t even realize it!

But then there is THIS one:

Contemporary definitions for widget


an element of a graphical user interface such as a button or scroll bar; also, a module of software for a personalized Web page    

YES YES  this was my original guess at this lovely word’s meaning.


The widget allows you to have “things to be happy about” on your Web site.

Twoshay for this example!  The things to be happy on my website today are Daily Prompts which engaged me to write – silly as it might be, I’m smiling and writing…heck AND posting this on my blog.  Gonna try that cyber trick called a ping back. Oh my goodness the ping is without the pong! Now THAT would be a great Daily Prompt! What is a pong?


Patriot Pain

I beat the corporate door
until my foot got in
to the place of
I will seize the opportunity
to speak the truth
create a plan to increase production
while raising morale
a win win right
you hit the head on the nail
no one has ever had the nerve to
speak up
I like your passion
they like mediocrity
keep the dumbed down sheeple turnstile
rotating at all costs
content to utilize low standards of expectation
expendable lives to line their pockets
allowing integrity and work ethics
to be replaced with non-thinkers
who are easily controlled
the machine so rapidly chewing up dreams
that most concede their uniqueness
for the all familiar blue minion suit
incredulous that the obvious answers are
justified away by cost
aka greed
my frustration wanting to puke
out this insidious sickness
oh down with the sickness
America America May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness,
And ev’ry gain divine
I weep for my countrymen so blindly deceived
and refuse to lose hope
America will once again
be the land of the free
and the home of the brave
now on to sow seeds
in more fertile ground

Stroke of Midnight

Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

I was cozily under a lap blanket reading old posts on my blog. Surrounded by cats and our dog, my boyfriend Roger snoring on the couch.  The only place I wanted to be was right there in that very moment. Warm, at peace, healthy and happy. Welcome New Year; brimming with freedom to just Be in each moment!

Stroke of Midnight

“I look to the sky and see them. Tall and straight. Bare and exposed. Nothing hidden.”

The weather here in Middle Tennessee had been cold and grey for what seemed like weeks.

I myself felt cold and grey. Frustrated by self-induced pressures. So tensed up by my own lofty expectations.  All the while wondering why my inspiration and motivation had abandoned me.

*Note to self: This, my dear, is your typical “New Year’s Resolution Let Down Week”.

**My Self Talk: “Three weeks in and I’ve missed the mark more than once. I haven’t obtained perfection.  I allowed people, food and freaking Marlboro Reds get to me. Again! When am I gonna get this  right??? You’re so…..undisciplined, weak, lazy, worthless etc etc”

THEN YESTERDAY THE SUN CAME OUT!   Now I was still in the fog, quite oblivious to what was actually occurring within me.  I simply found myself joyfully smiling as I began my day. My workout had more enthusiasm.  I snapped pictures on my way home.  I didn’t mind going into work at 5 PM at all; for it availed me 4 hours out in my beloved woods. I continued clearing trails. I spoke to the trees and  our creek. Sharing my appreciation and gratitude that they resided on our own piece of paradise.  I got to visit with my Roger before my shift.  I was  full of energy at closing time and came home still on a blissful high.  I slept 7 straight hours, first time in weeks. And lo and behold; I woke up with anticipation of another great day. Stepping out on the back porch, I look to the sky and see them. Tall and straight. Bare and exposed. Nothing hidden.  “Wow!” I thought. “Just like me. I’ve been feeling so stripped down to bare bones. Financial burdens mounting, the goals towards my dream daunting.” I just stood there unaware of passing time. Breathing in every angle of the yard. Suddenly my focus shifted towards the sky. That crisp blue backdrop made those naked trees speak to me. “See our strong branches? We’ve weathered countless storms. Proud we are of our inner tenacity and fortitude. Soon another season of newness will be upon us. Again we will dance and charm you with our various green finery. But for now, we are not ashamed of our creative process. Our seasons will come and go. Change is life. Relax. Breathe in. Breathe out. Embrace each change as you often come out and embrace us.”

The lessons resound around me each day. Once again Mother Nature has beautifully reminded me I simply must BE to truly experience freedom.  Worry and stress less.  Force NOTHING. Keep my intentions always in mind. Choose wisely. Take steps each day. Applaud myself often. See the best in every challenge and person.  And remember “it’s not the destination, but the joy in the journey”. (if anyone knows this actual quote/author let me know).

"Warmth, light and power were once again revealed in the sky".

“Warmth, light and power were once again revealed in the sky”.

I Am a Fireman

I am a fireman. Running a marathon through a field of rotten crops. Crops planted with poor decision seed, bad relational seed, and a small handful of selfish seed. The good seeds choked by years of accumulated weeds. Weeds that believe they will overcome this fireman. Running, running, always pushing, always winded. With the flames of consequences ever lapping at my heels. I run in the heat. I run in the rain. I run in the snow. I run with a painted smile on my face. I run with an attitude sometimes full of hope and joy, happy to just run the race. I run some days with dread and foreboding hounding my heels threatening to over take and swallow me up. But run I must. This fireman mustn’t stop. This is a marathon I must finish, in spite of weakness; through doubt and resentment, this fireman mustn’t stop. There are, however, frequent pauses to turn and quench the fires raging with small appeasement payments. The fire is never satisfied. It roars MORE as it’s heat increases. It’s never enough, no it’s never enough no matter what this fireman does. So I pull up my boots, firmly hold the water hose and spray. Then run, this fireman runs harder. Sweat pouring bitterly out every pore. Desperate to reach the end of a field that seems to stretch to eternity. Hot voices, raspy from the heat, whisper in my ears, through headphones that can’t be removed. Constant static. Always there. Often bumping so loudly my ears bleed and the tears roll down my scorched cheeks. Volume controlled by my faith level. Some days the songs of praise and thankfulness drown out the nightmarish sounds. It seems just when this fireman wants simply to let the fire consume and end this life sucking marathon; the volume ebbs and sweet relief, like a salve is miraculously applied. It is poured over my head, precious balm of Gilead, and soothes and comforts the wounds of battle. Then there are the foxes. Foxes running on each side. Foxes with flaming tails labeled regret, resentment, blame, jealousy and anger. These are the baby foxes. There are also Mom and Pop foxes called Fuck It and Just Give Up. But a fireman mustn’t ever look to the left or to the right. NO! Keep on running, keep on spraying, stay strong little red fireman, stay strong! For there are hurdles in this field up ahead. Blockades of pity to climb. Barbed wire that scratches and screams, “You’re the only one that sacrifices! Why keep sowing good seed when you KNOW us weeds will choke you! Idiot!” “NO!” I shout back. Good seed must be carried and spilled as I run. For this fireman catches glimpses of those tender green sprouts. This fireman knows fields of glory and freedom are ahead. It is the foxes I’ve let crawl up my calves and plant their claws in my back that must be shrugged off. This fireman cannot be encumbered by unnecessary and deadly weight. Spray and sow. Run. Praise. That is the marathon firemen theme song. That is the hymn I have no choice but to turn it up. Precious rain does fall, but often this fireman forgets to look up and have my parchedness quenched. It runs down to the burnt ground leaving the Fire Chief shaking His head, His hands tied. There are warrior firemen you know. They would help my little red fireman if she would but call on them. They would come in an instant with powerful Word sprayed at those foxes.

“She’s sowing seeds of time and effort into young GBs and developing teens,” they might yell.

As the foxes attached to those she loves scream back,

“Just give me that seed and shut up!” Seeds of doing for others even when they have no thought of her!” they counter. “Stupid bitch! They will only call when they need something…hahah!”

The battle would rage but my warrior fire angels would continue to battle alongside her.

“Our fireman sows when others want to squander their seed not realizing our little red fireman sows for the good of an entire nation.”

“She’ll give in! She can’t keep up the race in those threadbare clothes. She’s made of flesh…flesh that wants things too!”

Oh my little red fireman often forgets she is not alone. No never alone.

“Look up!” The Fire Chief whispers.

“Stop at the next water station and drink in some new life. In this world, little fireman you will have struggles, but remember I have overcome them so you too can be an overcoming little red fireman. So take courage,” says the Fire Chief,o

“Run happily, continue to sow and that field of beautiful flowers will soon be on your horizon.”

I am a fireman.

fire gramie fire Mali

I often wake up inspired, full of creativity, only to allow mundane thoughts to cloud up my shine. Feeling urgency well up in my spirit, I’d think to myself, “I need to write this down”. Then the other voices would begin their banter. “Yes but first you need to……”  do all sorts of important stuff like:

  • load the dishwasher
  • sweep up around the woodstove
  • straighten throw rugs our newest kitten keeps attacking

well now, you get my drift. Many days little self induced “I must” tasks would completely obliterate my creativity. Other days, I’d make it through the unimportant tasks and actually make it to my writing nook. I’d slide out the keyboard, anticipating a fresh clear flow of words, proud that I finally cleared away all my “have to’s. But alas, instead of immediately going to one of the 3 books I’m writing or even to my blog I ‘d get sucked in by another barrage of super crucial and worthwhile endeavors like:

  • checking my e-mail
  • clicking on MSN gossip tidbits that scream from the bottom of the screen
  • seeing who’s on FB
  • or checking our bank balance which I already know hasn’t changed.

Yep, sullying up my own shine! I don’t know ’bout ya’ll, but I classically spend the last couple of weeks of December reflecting and projecting on my life. Oh yes, I’ve been one of the lofty goal makers.  I’d pine over that didn’t’s and should haves. I’d let myself grieve then pump myself back up and gear up for the next set of ridiculous unobtainables (yes I just made up that word)!  NOT THIS YEAR!  Instead I made a conscious decision to not take that long and contemplative look back. I was precariously close to the edge of the depression pit and I refused to waste a second more of my precious time. OK the truth is I came close to the reality of death being a real possibility with my kidney cancer in 2013. One would think I would have had one of those inspirational wake up calls and suddenly “turned my life around”.  No, instead being the head banger I’ve always been, I continued in the latter half of 2014 to push the envelope. I started smoking again. I gave my one healthy kidney energy drinks and I repeated the same procrastinatie (so I like to make up words/shoot me!) habits regarding my gifts and passions. Which did indeed put me in that deep dark pit of self pity and doubt. I fought almost the whole month of December with “stinkin thinkin”. Condemning myself for squandering my time. Tying myself to the whipping post for not completing 1 book let alone 3. Yadda yadda! Then I began to self inquire. Why were some areas of my life, like losing 90 lbs 7 years ago easier then others?  What was I doing in areas I felt successful in? What propelled that feeling of empowerment? How could I replicate that same process in the area of my dream to write books that encourage the world? All my musings led back to the bottom line of life.





Now my only goal for 2015 is to make every day fantabulous. It is definitely a work in progress. I still have quotes and positive affirmations all over my home. They help. Those along with positive music,  my fitness routines, practicing yoga, meditation and breath work and of course, my walks in the woods.  They comprise my defensive arsenal. It is who I’ve evolved into and what I recognize is worthy of guarding. I want to learn this year to stay in that high vibrational frequency. Which has led me to “capture every thought” (yep that’s Word, imagine that) and decide if it warrants being in my mind. If it’s not positive, complimentary to my self esteem, or affirming to my passions and dreams, it has to go! One of many bracelets I wear which are significant to me is one  I acquired at an Andy Dooley “Vibration Activation” seminar. It states; “STOP CANCEL CLEAR GET THE FEAR OUT OF HERE”.  When one of those “intruding thoughts” comes into my mind, I’m trying to remember to snap that bracelet, interrupt that stinkin thought and replace it with what I do want to think. Whatever tool you choose will work if you DECIDE TO WORK IT! again IT ALL STARTS BETWEEN OUR EARS.

I was tickled to see similar blogging on this topic this morning at:    check out Granonine, she’s sure to inspire you!

P.S.   I have not  been anywhere on my computer but here today and was only interrupted by feeding chickens and walking Duke in the woods. An interruption that always leaves me smiling!

P.P.S. Google Andy Dooley he’ll lift your spirits!

YES I walk in the woods even when it's 6 degrees!

YES I walk in the woods even when it’s 6 degrees!

stop cancel clear braceletSTOP! CANCEL! CLEAR! GET THE FEAR OUT OF HERE!

360 Change in my Joy Level

Walked out in the woods.

Walked out in the woods.

My heart full hands and feet cold I headed up the hill towards home.

My heart full hands and feet cold I headed up the hill towards home.

Seems a spirit of joy was visiting at my GBs meeting spot

Seems a spirit of joy was visiting at my GBs meeting spot

Drove home to blue skies and sunshine.

Drove home to blue skies and sunshine.

Love me some sunshine on my shoulders!

Love me some sunshine on my shoulders!

Men! Oh…Pause

Yep it happened again tonight. Took the milk from the fridge, put it on the counter. Poured my cereal (only carb today)

into my mug and preceded to put the milk back in the fridge. Only to turn around to grab a mug full of dry cereal before even realizing what I’d done. Thus tonight’s title. I also find myself angry and frustrated at my man calling me “Flash” as yet another heat wave rushes from my body. Or chuckling when I forget completely what I was talking about; you know how men are! Ha! Maybe that was the point I was trying to make the other night when I said Men! Oh (realizing I’d totally lost the thought) then stood there for what seemed like forever until Roger laughed and mockingly said “Men O Pause” falling onto the couch in hysterics!  Yeah, yeah, any woman familiar with the “Change of life” symptoms are probably laughing their asses off about now.

Well, actually I’m laughing too. Today anyway. The last 3 months I hadn’t been. I’ve been feeling like a train wreck. Scattered, mind murky and out of focus. My body doing all this weird shit. Sleeping disrupted. Face believing it is 15 again (only this time the zits I never had, found me). Going weeks feeling like I needed to cry without release. Only to spend the last 2 weeks emoting over freakin’ dog commercials.

But walking in our woods these last few days has helped me to slow down and get centered again.  Nature is my favorite connection and reminder of our Universal source of energy. I am so thankful we have these 7 acres to roam about. I realized there have been many significant changes in our lives besides menopause

  • my oldest son remarried after divorcing 6 months ago
  • my youngest son left for CA, followed by my middle son (who lied to us for a year that he had terminal cancer)
  • our youngest son (Roger’s son) is graduating this year and we’re struggling with the reality of the completely empty nest
  • I went from a full time/excellent paying job to part time at 1/2 pay
  • we’re still adjusting to the financial fall out to that decision
  • I’d been feeling so displaced, unnecessary, helpless to my grown children
  • and did I mention resistance, yes futile resistance to processes I cannot control
  • and lastly let’s throw in 2 months of holiday stress

So I decided to go back to disciplines that I know work in my life. Daily exercise. Reading more, less media. Yoga and mindful breathing. Lots of H20, swimming. Laughing out loud with Roger; how blessed I am to have such a comical supporter as my mate! Doing the 3 day cleanse, reminding my body and emotions who exactly is running my life…NOT THEM! And the biggie…may I have a drum roll please!!!!!!!!! I’m beginning to embrace the changes in my reality! No more glaring at them. No more whining or kicking and pleading. Hell! I’m even beyond a side hug with a pat on the back accepting them.

I decided today I’m gonna welcome every change with a bear hug. Hugs are awesome! Think I’ll go hug up with that man Oh ….pause, that’s TMI. But hey when DAY 361 Documentation goes so well and progress is made I can have some fun! At least there won’t be any babies…..just 3 minutes, a big fan, 2 trips to pee later in the night and sweet ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ